Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, May 13, 2013

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Elections in Pakistan are expected to put Nawaz Sharif back into power, his third term as prime minister. Marketplace Morning Report looks at Pakistan's economy, and the old hand the incoming administration has chosen as the country's new finance minister, Ishaq Dar. And, we take you to the National Craft Championship in Birmingham, Alabama, the Associated Builders and Contractors trade group's competition for handymen and women all over the country.

PODCAST: Bloomberg admits snooping, Air Force seeks money-saving ideas

Retail sales inched up in April. Bloomberg News admits to allowing reporters to access private client data. And, the Air Force turns to rank-and-file members for cost-cutting ideas.

Samsung says it's made a 5G breakthrough

The mobile giant says a 5G network could be available by the end of the decade.
Posted In: mobile, samsung

Retail sales edge up in April

Did you buy a car or get some new clothes recently? You were not alone.
Posted In: Retail, Economy, recession

Bloomberg editor apologizes for violating client privacy

Bloomberg News admits reporters used Bloomberg terminals to access clients' information.
Posted In: bloomberg, journalism, privacy

Inside the National Craft Championship

A competition for the construction industry.
Posted In: construction, contractors, Jobs

Sharif chooses veteran to run Pakistan's shattered economy

Pakistan's incoming prime minister will install Ishaq Dar as finance minister, his third time doing the job.
Posted In: Pakistan, Economy, asia

New ways to cut wasteful spending at the Pentagon

The Air Force turns to rank and file to ferret out waste, following the example of the private sector.
Posted In: air force, sequestration, Pentagon, budget cuts, management

Is it time to shrink a growing food stamp program?

Lawmakers in the House and Senate begin work on the Farm Bill this week, and SNAP, the food stamp program, is on the agenda
Posted In: food stamps, farm bill

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