Marketplace Morning Report for Monday May 12, 2014

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It’s Infrastructure Week! And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers, helps host discussions of what’s to be done about the U.S.’s crumbling infrastructure – who is to build it? – as among other things, the highway trust fund slowly slides toward zero. Plus, on May 15th the FCC is due to vote on a plan to regulate the internet. More than 100 major technology companies are calling on the regulator to reconsider a plan that would allow content companies to pay broadband providers for faster Internet speeds to deliver their traffic as long as the deals are  "commercially reasonable."

In the U.S., a water main breaks every two minutes

Last year, the country’s infrastructure got a grade of D+.
Posted In: infrastructure, water

Why you should pay more attention to advertisements

Advertisers tell us more about consumer confidence than at first glance.
Posted In: advertising

PODCAST: Net Neutrality

It's national infrastructure week. And, looking at housing inequality in Brazil.
Posted In: net neutrality, World Cup, infrastructure

Why Etsy is against internet 'fast lanes'

Tech and venture firms ask FCC to reconsider affirming net neutrality.
Posted In: Etsy, net neutrality
Skyler Bouchard

Rethinking the unpaid internship

College students are scramble to line up summer internships, but...
Posted In: unpaid internships, intern, media companies

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