Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, March 31, 2014

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The Affordable Care Act reaches an important milestone -- and deadline -- on Monday. The law's rollout has worked pretty well in some states, and has been a mess in other states. In the case of Oregon, the state promised big and hasn't delivered. Also, up to $50 billion in tax breaks that expired in 2013 may get a new life as the Senate takes up a proposal to extend them temporarily. Good news for lobbyists and their clients, but the breaks will have to get through the House. And the National Perinatal Association, representing the folks who work in neo-natal ICU units, has released a statement to urge doctors and health insurance cos to reduce health risk and costs by changing in vitro fertilization procedures.
Gas is flared as waste in March from the Monterey Shale formation where gas and oil is extracted using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, near Buttonwillow, California.

PODCAST: UN warns of climate change effects

The Senate Finance Committee thinks about bringing back expired tax breaks. And a look at the safety and costs of in vitro births.
Posted In: climate change, United Nations, in vitro, Taxes

NAACP's former head is going to Silicon Valley

Benjamin Jealous is taking his fight for civil rights to the tech sector
Posted In: NAACP, race, equality, Silicon Valley

Making in vitro births safer and less costly

A new statement says IVF practice can cause problems
Posted In: pregnancy, women's health, care, family, family planning, IVF

Senate Finance Committee chair to review tax breaks

A Senate proposal for a temporary extension
Posted In: tax breaks, Ron Wyden
A health-care reform specialist helps people select insurance plans at an Affordable Care Act Enrollment Fair at California's Pasadena City College in 2013.

Health care deadline reveals state disparities

Monday is the deadline to sign up for healthcare under the ACA
Posted In: Obamacare, ACA

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