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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, March 24, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, March 24, 2008

New profits from the ashes of subprime

Former Countrywide executives are launching a new company that hopes to profit from the whole subprime mess. Despite the old company's bad rep, Amy Scott reports the connection might not damage the new firm.
Posted In: Housing, Investing

Contractors in U.S. versus abroad

Members of Congress are focusing on a loophole in a proposed new rule for government contractors working abroad. Jeremy Hobson reports why House Democrats don't like the Bush Administration's latest approach to contracts.
Posted In: Jobs

Cities steer toward new meter

A new multi-space, credit card-friendly parking meter is garnering mixed reactions from the driving public. Rachel Dornhelm explores the technology's many facets that will allow cities to cash in big -- sometimes to parkers' dismay.

No retail hop over last Easter

Sales of Easter-related goods are at about what they were last year, though there may be a boost for Spring clothing as parts of the country without fairer whether will still sell items at full price. Danielle Karson reports.
Posted In: Retail

Soothing disgruntled Bear shareholders

Billionaire Joe Lewis is leading the campaign of Bear shareholders who want to block the ailing bank's rescue. But Stephen Beard reports JP Morgan may be prepared to up the share ante to sweeten the deal.
Posted In: Wall Street

Learning from the Bear Stearns deal

The Federal Reserve is reluctant to support a Bear Stearns increase in share price because it doesn't want the deal to be viewed as a bail-out. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan outlines how the Fed can exact a price on the situation.

Competing to solve the water crisis

About a billion people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water, but solving the crisis could cost up to $4 billion a year. Sam Eaton reports on a competition that's using entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Economy struggles with loss of luxury

Reports from luxury retailers like Tiffany's are watched closely by analysts because they can signal how the overall economy is doing. Rachel Dornhelm reports current signs show the average consumer is cutting back.
Posted In: Retail

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