Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, March 16, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, March 16, 2009

How downturn is affecting TV ad sales

Upfront season has begun, and the TV industry is hoping they can sell companies some ad time. The question is whether advertisers will be able to sell space during a downturn. Amanda Aronczyk reports.
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A different kind of pork project

Tonight HBO debuts "Death on a Factory Farm," a documentary that chronicles some grizzly practices at an Ohio pork producer. The film is giving the pork industry an upset stomach. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Could bailouts hurt Obama?

There's a great deal of angst circulating on AIG bailout funds going to employee bonuses, and some analysts think this could taint Obama's political capital. Janet Babin reports how Obama may be able to quell naysayers.

Moving forward on financial reforms

The Obama administration is moving forward on its goal to reverse the financial fallout quickly and avert another one. Janet Babin reports what's on the table, including giving more power to the Fed to regulate financial institutions.

Finance ministers meet ahead of G-20

Finance ministers from around the world gathered near London this weekend as a precursor to next month's G-20 financial summit. Christopher Werth reports how officials agreed to work together on the global financial fallout.

Small firms pick up Wall Street slack

As the big investment firms began to fall, small boutique firms started getting resumes from former high-profile Wall Street employees. Amy Scott explores the rise of the boutique firm and whether it's destined to make the same mistakes.
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AIG shares list of bailout recipients

Under pressure from lawmakers and the public, troubled insurer AIG released a list of about 80 firms that benefited from the $170 billion in bailout money it received. Janet Babin reviews who got what in the rundown.
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Abolishing death penalty saves cash

Several states are weighing whether to abolish the death penalty in favor of a life sentence without parole to save on expenses. John Dimsdale calculates how much states would save and where justice may factor in.
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Criticizing bailout use isn't productive

Banks are taking a lot of heat for using government bailout money in what appears to be frivolous ways. Steve Chiotakis talks to Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan, who says criticizing these institutions for each move doesn't accomplish much.

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