Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, March 11, 2013

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Michael Dell's plan to buy his computer company back from shareholders is turning into a bit of a challenge. At least one major shareholder, Carl Icahn, is saying shareholders should get more out of the deal. China's government says it plans to strip power away from the agency that oversees the country's controversial one-child policy. Observers say this could spell the beginning of the end for the rule. And over the weekend, Mariano Rivera announced his retirement from the New York Yankees. We take a look at how his career changed the game for Major League Baseball.

PODCAST: Whole Foods GMO, 'Patch' day tomorrow

Get ready for Patch Tuesday, a new software holiday of sorts from Microsoft. Japan marks two year anniversary of the tsunami. And Whole Foods plans to label all genetically modified foods in its stores by 2018.

Whole Foods to label all genetically modified foods

The grocery chain Whole Foods has announced it will require all of its products that contain genetically modified food ingredients to be labeled that way by 2018.
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Chinese consumers hit tough times

Global markets are mixed this morning after China reported that inflation hit a ten-month high in February and consumer spending came in worse than expected.
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Japan marks two year anniversary of tsunami

Today's anniversary is being marked with protests against nuclear power in Japan. But can the country sustain a non-nuclear energy policy?
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Betting money on a dead horse: Seriously

Some in Nebraska are pushing for betting machines of 'historical horse races' at thoroughbred race tracks. The machines allow wagering on the outcomes of past races. Critics say they’re basically slot machines and would constitute expanded gambling.
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At Intrade, all bets are off due to financial probe

Intrade, the online betting site, has shut up shop as it investigates financial irregularities. The Irish based company allowed customers to bet on a wide range of non-sporting events including U.S. elections and the Academy Awards.
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Is China's one-child policy on the way out?

China's government has announced plans to remove power from the agency that oversees the country's controversial one-child policy. Observers say this could spell the beginning of the end for the rule.
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It's Patch Tuesday! Party time!

For IT professionals, Microsoft has invented a holiday -- of sorts. The second Tuesday of every month is the day Microsoft releases the latest batch of security patches for it's software: Patch Tuesday. This week, the company has more than half-dozen security fixes, as cyber threats mount for Microsoft and Apple software.
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Forget GPS jamming, drone 'spoofing' is all the rage

For those who want to stop others from tracking their movement, GPS signals can be jammed -- albeit illegally. And now, GPS signals can also be 'spoofed.'
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How much is a save worth? Mariano Rivera to retire

The Yankees’ relief pitcher will finally hang up his cleats after this season. Rivera changed the way baseball owners look at the value of a great closer.
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Michael Dell on taking Dell private and moving beyond PCs

Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of computer and computer services giant Dell shares his thoughts on the future of PCs and how Dell fits into an age of mobile and cloud computing.
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