Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, March 10, 2014

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It’s a banner year for companies looking to go public. Plenty of IPOs already so far this year; plenty more to come. But there are worries about the stimulus that the Federal Reserve has been providing the economy. So why would you want to go public now? Plus, businesses in Venezuela have had a hard time getting cash. The country’s official currency exchange system is a mess. It sells 11 bolivars for one U.S. dollar, while the black market rate is 80 to 1.

Missing flight threatens popular tourist route

Malaysian Airlines flight 370 could complicate tourism to Southeast Asia.
Posted In: Malaysia Airlines, MH370

Companies are falling over themselves to go public

Companies are selling shares at the fastest pace since 2007.
Posted In: stock market, IPOs, public offering

SXSW highlights: Neil Young and custom Oreos

Throw in a conversation with actress Rosario Dawson.
Posted In: sxsw interactive

Public transportation at its highest level since 1956

Americans took more than 10 billion public transport trips in 2013.
Posted In: public transportation, cars, driving, Transportation

SXSW Frontlines: How to protect your data

Techies are floating some big ideas around at SXSW.
Posted In: data, privacy, sxsw

PODCAST: Seen at South By

SXSW Interactive is in full swing in Austin, Texas.
Posted In: sxsw, Chinese New Year

Exchanging currency in Venezuela is a nightmare

A new exchange system could bring the currency rate closer to the black market.
Posted In: venezuela, currency, bolivar

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