Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, June 6, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, June 6, 2011

Iran: 'There is no need to increase OPEC production'

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is slated to begin output policy talks on Wednesday. Jim Ritterbusch, of Ritterbusch and Associates, explains.
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Wall Street's preferred deficit cuts: short-term gain with long-term pain

Julia Coronado, chief economist at the investment bank BNP Paribas, discusses what kinds of spending cuts would benefit the markets.

U.S. banks at risk in European defaults

A study released by the Bank for International Settlements says U.S. banks are the very exposed to the economic woes of Greece, Portugal and Ireland.
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IMF approves $3 billion loan for Egypt

The International Monetary Fund has agreed to help Egypt pay down its deficit in the wake of the pro-democracy movement -- but the new government will also use the money to boost social spending.
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ESPN a big selling point in bid for Olympic TV rights

TV executives are gathering in Switzerland today to bid for the rights to broadcast the next two Olympic games -- Russia in 2014 and Brazil in 2016.
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Teen job seekers face cruel summer

However slowly, the economy is creating jobs. But not for teenagers, and that's frustrating for many now that school's out for summer.
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Coal mining fuels unrest in China's Inner Mongolia

Last week, the Chinese government revamped standards and practices for coal mining in Inner Mongolia, in an attempt to calm local anger over possible environmental damage.
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High oil prices, global crises drive down airline profits

The International Air Transport Association has cut its airline industry forecast for 2011, citing unrest in North Africa, the tsunami in Japan, and rising oil prices.
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McDonald's apologizes for the quality of its coffee

The Australian branch of the fast food giant has conceded that its coffee is not up to scratch, and has announced plans for better blends and barista training to improve the standard of its brew.
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Douglas Holtz-Eakin on spending cuts and the debt ceiling

The president of the American Action Forum discusses why spending cuts and tax reform are necessary to resolve the coming budget crisis.

Horse virus threatens cutting season

Horse cutting awards about $40 million in prizes each year, but a virus threatens to shut down this season's events.
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