Marketplace Morning Report for Monday June 23, 2014

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70 years ago the GI Bill created the GED, which allowed returning soldiers to get their high school diplomas without having to go back to a high school classroom. We look at the changing profiles of GED recipients, and investigate into how the value of the GED has changed so drastically since then. Also, as the World Cup enters into another week, we highlight some of the new technology making its debut on the field in Brazil. And after we talk to Zach Greenberg, the author of a new book about Michael Jackson's strengths as a businessman and how he revolutionized the way that musicians are able to monetize their fame.

Michael Jackson: the businessman behind the musician

Michael Jackson, the musician and the businessman
Posted In: Michael Jackson, music industry

PODCAST: The cost of classroom wi-fi

The end of the export-import bank, the current state of the GED, and getting wi-fi into classrooms

Referees get a tech upgrade at the World Cup

A look at the tech behind (hopefully) better referee calls at the World Cup
Posted In: soccer, World Cup, referees

Can your school get decent wi-fi speed?

Tech in the classroom is exploding, but it only works if you have the bandwidth
Posted In: onair, LearningCurve On-Air, wifi, schools, education costs, Visualize

How the GI Bill created a market for the GED

Once popular among primarily soldiers, the GED now serves a different demographic
Posted In: GED, World War II, veterans

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