Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, June 21, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, June 21, 2010

Nebraska law would crack down on illegal immigrants

A small town in Nebraska holding a special election on a law designed to make life harder for undocumented workers. Opponents of the law say it's a fear-based initiative.

Oil rig worker reported leak weeks before BP spill

A worker on the oil rig that blew up in the Gulf of Mexico says he reported a leak in the safety equipment weeks before the explosion.
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Global diamond industry eyes abuse in Zimbabwe

Members of the international diamond industry will decide whether to expel Zimbabwe over abusive practices in its diamond trade.

Leftists heat up Venezuelan tourism

Caracas, Venezuela touts brown outs, water shortages and one of the highest crime rates in Latin America. But tourism is on the rise, thanks to leftists conferences and other events promoted by the Venezuelan government.
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Mexican shoppers steering clear of Arizona malls

Mexican nationals have long traveled to Arizona cities like Tucson on bi-annual shopping expeditions. But these days, Arizona's new immigration law is dissuading them from visiting the state malls.
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Yuan value rising points to end of crisis

The U.S. has long complained that China's currency has been unfairly low. But China's decision to let the yuan rise indicates crisis mode is over, according to some economists.
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Cigarettes can no longer be 'light' or 'mild', but can still be color-coded

New FDA rules say cigarette makers can no longer market products as light, mild, or low. But tobacco companies will still be using color association.
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China signals a rise in yuan value against dollar

China is indicating it will loosen its strict policy on the yuan and allow the currency to rise against the U.S. dollar. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman explains how this could affect U.S. and European countries.
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