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The U.S. and EU kick off trade talks today, but there may be an unpleasant odor as negotiations begin: European anger about U.S. spying. Congress considers cutting food stamps from the farm bill. As FEMA updates flood maps, residents fear home insurance hikes. And Andy Murray's Wimbledon victory marks 36 years since the last British player won the title.

Same-sex marriage ruling could benefit certain states

New York and New Jersey have been competing for jobs for decades. Will federal recognition for same-sex marriage give New York an unexpected advantage?
Posted In: gay marriage, DOMA

Shazam gets $40 million from Carlos Slim

Slim's money will help the app, which was an early favorite for smartphone owners, grow its user base ahead of a rumored IPO.
Posted In: shazam, Carlos Slim, Music, apps

90 seconds: The technology and investment behind plane evacuations

Over the years airlines and aircraft manufacturers have invested in technology to improve crash survivability.
Posted In: Airlines, airline safety, San Francisco

PODCAST: Jobs versus interest rates

Military commissaries closed by sequester. Thomson Reuters expected to suspend data sneak peaks. And which would you rather have: more jobs or lower interest rates?

Which would you rather have: More jobs or lower interest rates?

The yield on the 10-year Treasury note -- the benchmark for U.S. interest rates -- was up this morning following Friday's somewhat positive jobs report.
Posted In: interest rates, China, jobs numbers

Thomson Reuters expected to suspend data sneak peaks: Report

Is ok to pay to get the jump on market-moving news? Thomson Reuters is expected to suspend the practice of selling so-called sneak peeks of certain economic data to select clients today.
Posted In: reuters, stock market, big data, Wall Street

Food stamps may be cut from new farm bill

In an effort to get it passed, some in Congress want to split the food-stamps part of the bill from the farm subsidy part.
Posted In: farm bill, Congress, food stamps, Agriculture

Andy Murray wins Wimbledon and 75 million reasons to smile

As a mere U.S. Open champion and Olympic gold medal winner, Murray had been making $12 million a year. That number is expected to shoot up to $75 million after his victory Sunday at Wimbledon.
Posted In: Sports, tennis

How will US snooping impact US-EU trade negotiations?

The U.S. and EU kick off trade talks today, but there may be an unpleasant odor as negotiations begin: European anger over U.S. spying revelations.
Posted In: free trade, Europe

Military commissaries closed by sequester

Monday is day one of the sequester-driven defense cuts, including a one-day a week closure of all domestic military grocery stores.
Posted In: sequester, military, defense

As FEMA expands flood zones, residents fear insurance hikes

FEMA is updating its flood maps to expand areas deemed at risk of damage -- and that’s striking fear in communities that could be deluged with higher insurance bills.
Posted In: FEMA, Hurricane Sandy, flood insurance, flood

Pebble smartwatch hits the big time, or at least the Best Buy

The Pebble smartwatch goes on sale today at Best Buy. Will consumers actually want to read text messages and listen to music from their wrists?
Posted In: smartwatch, pebble, Best Buy, wearable tech

Daughter mines social media to track down father's killer

Joselyn Martinez says her own Internet legwork was the key to catching her father's escaped murderer over 25 years later.
Posted In: social media, Crime, big data, Internet

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