Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, July 4, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, July 4, 2011

Australia seeks to get rid of five cent coin

Fears mount that consumers could be on the losing end should the five cent coin be abolished in Australia.

Europe agrees to give $17 billion to Greece

Germany presses for conditions on the latest Greek bailout.

Top scholars face new disclosure regulations

Faculty from Columbia Business School face new regulations regarding working outside the classroom.
Posted In: Education

Protecting your investments in case of default

Some investors are beginning to believe a default by the United States government is possible. What can investors do to protect themselves from this scenario?
Posted In: Investing

Dunkin' Donuts' IPO returns company to the public

The popular fast food spot is one of a couple dozen companies owned by private equity to go public this year.
Posted In: Investing

Lower gas taxes lure drivers to Missouri

With lower state taxes on gasoline, Missouri is easily undercutting its border mate Illinois when it comes to the price to fill up.
Posted In: Oil

Fed may have missed best opportunity for selling off mortgage bonds

As part of the government bailout of AIG, the Federal Reserve bought $16 million worth of mortgage-securities from the company. Now, thanks to changes to the bond and housing markets, it may be stuck with them for a while.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

Fashion stores go mobile in Portland

Portland, Ore., has a reputation for mobile food carts. But now you'll find trailers and buses selling clothes and fashion accessories.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

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