Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, July 29, 2013

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Have you heard of Omnicon and Publicis? They've heard of you, and they're merging. Markets in Japan are down on what's being called a 'mini-correction.' A realtor's tale of the housing boom and bust. And a new survey finds four out of five Americans will struggle with joblessness, near-poverty, or reliance on government welfare at some point in their lives.

Omnicom and Publicis go big to go small, digitally

The merger is a case of Madison Avenue trying to catch up with Silicon Valley, trying to use their size and reach to deliver small targeted markets to advertisers in real time.
Posted In: Omnicom, Publicis Groupe, advertising, Silicon Valley

PODCAST: Cost-benefit, monster ad outfit

Omnicom and Publicis go big to go small, digitally. Want better government? Try cost-benefit analysis. And are the Federal Reserve's monetary policies putting the country at risk for inflation?

Want better government? Use cost-benefit analysis

Non-profits are working with state governments to increase use of cost-benefit analyses to learn whether programs and policies are worth it.
Posted In: cost, policy, public policy, pew, states

A tale of two hacking conferences: Black Hat vs. Defcon

The biggest difference between the two? This year Defcon organizers disinvited the Feds in the wake of NSA surveillance revelations. While Black Hat's keynote speaker will be none other than NSA Director General Keith Alexander.
Posted In: hacking, NSA leaks, surveillance, malware

Avatar therapy helps adults feel more like children

A research team working at the University of Barcelona has found that when adults are represented by child avatars in a virtual world, they act more like children.
Posted In: Avatar, psychology, spain

Gmail's new inbox sorts spam and bacon

Google changed its popular free email service Gmail last week. Where once there was one true inbox, now there seems to be three.
Posted In: Google, Gmail, email, spam

Protests over fast-food wages spread to retail workers

Retail workers find common cause with fast-food employees demanding more hours and higher wages.
Posted In: Retail, fast food, labor, McDonald's, Macy's, Victoria's Secret

Omnicom and Publicis set to tie the knot

The merger will bring rival accounts under the same roof -- like Coke and Pepsi. And that could lead to a shake up in global advertising business.
Posted In: advertising, Omnicom, Publicis Groupe, merger

A realtor's tale: Selling houses after a housing crash

Kristal Wilson sold lots of houses to people during the housing boom -- and then helped them with short sales when prices collapsed as they faced foreclosure.
Posted In: Housing, housing crisis, real estate

The mall is dead, long live the mall

Shopping mall firms struggled during the recession and are still digging out.
Posted In: General Growth, Simon Property Group, Malls, Retail

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