Marketplace Morning Report for Monday July 28, 2014

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Former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro will be sworn in on Monday as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. We look at the authority and limits of his power to address housing problems facing low-income Americans. Plus, Nissan will release its earnings on Monday, which follows the company’s announcement that owners of its electric car, the ‘Nissan Leaf’ will pay the surprisingly low price of $5,500 for a replacement battery. This is great news for current and potential owners of the car, so how did Nissan manage to keep the price so low, and will this move pay off? 

Dollar Tree buys Family Dollar (yes, for more than $1)

The deal promises big cost-savings for both underperforming businesses.
Posted In: mergers, buyout, dollar store

PODCAST: Turning over a new Leaf

Dollar store mergers, electric car woes, and marketing to Muslim Americans.

Housing and Urban Development gets a new head

Former mayor Julian Castro faces challenge with budget-minded Congress.
Posted In: HUD, San Antonio, Housing

Car companies are happy to lose money on electric cars

Why Nissan is willing to lose money on the Leaf.
Posted In: Nissan, batteries, electric car

Marketing remains largely untapped for Eid Al Fitr

Muslim Americans add billions to the economy. So why haven't marketers caught on?
Posted In: ramadan, Muslim, marketing

We really are living in the (medical) future

Dr. Goel is trying to do for medicine what Google did for information technology.
Posted In: medicine, medical devices, The Big Ideas

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