Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, July 26, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, July 26, 2010

Creative accounting helps sports teams stay in salary game

High salaries help teams bring in the big players. But some wonder whether it's necessary to go overboard. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan explores player pay.
Posted In: Sports

Disabled workers still benefit from anti-discrimination law

Twenty years later, the Americans with Disabilities Act still benefits disabled workers, though discrimination complaints are rising.
Posted In: Health

Extension of unemployment benefits will stimulate local communities

Analysts say Congress's extension of unemployment benefits will have an impact on local communities, as those who receive the checks will likely spend them immediately.
Posted In: Jobs

BP's Hayward likely on the way out

BP executives are meeting to discuss the fate of CEO Tony Hayward, who has been on thin ice for months for his handling of the Gulf oil crisis.
Posted In: Oil

Reform clears way for private equity to invest in banks

The new financial regulation gives private equity firms more latitude to invest in banks, a measure which could mean huge money-making potential.
Posted In: Banks, Investing

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