Marketplace Morning Report for Monday July 21, 2014

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The sports network’s ESPN 3 will carry a $10 million gaming contest this weekend in Seattle. We investigate. Plus, a report by Bankrate says young people favor saving cash over investing in the stock market. We examine the issue.

Republicans have a birthday card for Dodd-Frank

A look at the progress of the Dodd-Frank Act four years in.
Posted In: dodd-frank, Dodd-Frank law

Design: where dollars are scarce and need is great

American design schools team up with NGOs to get affordable products to market.
Posted In: medical costs, medical care

PODCAST: Happy birthday Dodd-Frank

Dodd-Frank's fourth birthday, millennials prefer cash, and social impact bonds.

SIB spells a way for financiers to do social good

SIB's, or social impact bonds, let investors do good and make money
Posted In: bonds, Goldman Sachs
Gaming competition

Gamers, want to win $10 million dollars?

ESPN 3 carries a $10 million gaming contest in Seattle.
Posted In: gaming, espn, contest

Young adults choose to save cash instead of investing

More than older people, those in their 20s shy away from the stock market.
Posted In: Personal Finance, Investing, millennials

McDonald's, KFC hit by food scandal in China

US companies were hit on all sides in the latest food scandal in China.
Posted In: KFC, McDonald's

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