Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, July 13, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, July 13, 2009

CIT a test case for 'too big to fail?'

The government has already given business lender CIT $2 billion in TARP money, why won't it continue to help shield it from failure? Bill Radke talks to Edward Hadas with the financial commentary Web site BreakingViews.
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Job gains in environment, health care

The Council of Economic Advisers reports green jobs and health care jobs will see the biggest gains in the next few years. This is fueling a backlash against stimulus spending to benefit the labor market. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Eyes on banking sector earnings

This week, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase report their second-quarter earnings. Stacey Vanek-Smith talks to Sam Stovall from S&P Equity Research, who thinks we'll hear some news of increase.
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London bends for Olympic sponsors

The economic downturn means a short supply of sponsors for London's Summer Olympic games in 2012. Those sponsors that are sticking it out are making sure they're getting as much bang for their buck as possible. Christopher Werth reports.
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McDonald's: Relocation not tax-based

McDonald's is the latest U.S. corporation to plan relocating headquarters from the U.K. to Switzerland. The company insists it's not trying to dodge taxes, but many observers say the decision must be tax-related. Stephen Beard reports.
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Little airline preparing to fly higher

The small airline Republic consistently ranks amongst the most profitable airlines in the world, but in this economy, its business model is due for change. Jeremy Hobson explores the company's bids for larger carriers.
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UBS, U.S. try to settle out of court

UBS had a court date today with U.S. officials who argue secret Swiss bank accounts allow Americans to dodge taxes. But yesterday, the two sides asked to delay the trial while they try to reach a settlement. Caitlan Carroll reports.

How do we pay for health care reform?

The House's health care reform bill was supposed to come out early last week, but members of Congress are still grappling with how to pay for it. But Steve Henn reports the delays are not necessarily a sign of trouble.
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Sky no longer the limit for German solar

Germany's gloomy skies often prevent solar power researchers from producing energy, but one Berlin-based nonprofit may have found a solution utilizing the Middle East and North Africa's deserts. Brett Neely reports.

Government not helping CIT so far

Congress met with regulators and government officials this weekend to come to a decision over CIT, a lender specializing in business financing. The banking group's troubles could have some major ripple effects. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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