Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, July 1, 2013

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The EU gets its first new member in six years -- Croatia -- but it's something less than a celebration. Who knew running the Bank of England turned you into George Clooney. Mark Carney, the former head of Canada's Central Bank, takes over as the head central banker of the U.K. today. And for the first time in over 40 years, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art opens its doors Monday, and on every Monday.

Online TV provider Aereo expanding despite broadcast lawsuits

Aereo, a company that allows users to watch live TV online, may be coming soon to a city near you. But it's also facing major legal challenges from some of broadcast's biggest players.
Posted In: television, streaming

Nokia buys Siemens stake for $2.2 billion

Nokia has bought out electronics giant Siemens in a joint venture to make high-speed wireless network technology.
Posted In: nokia, lte, Siemens

PODCAST: A student loan program from down under

What the U.S. can learn from Australia's 'study now-pay later' student loan formula. New spying revelations cast doubt over U.S.-EU trade deal. And Medicare starts up competitive bidding for medical equipment.

Halfway through 2013, how's the economy doing?

With 2013 halfway done, how is the economy doing? Julia Coronado, chief North American economist BNP Paribas, shares her take.
Posted In: Unemployment, manufacturing, jobs report

What the U.S. could learn from Australia's student loan program

Bruce Chapman, economist at the Australian National University in Canberra discusses Australia's “study now/pay later” student loan formula.
Posted In: Australia, student loan, student debt, student loan debt, higher education

Croatia joins EU after decade of negotiations

The EU gets its first new member in six years, but it's something less than a celebration.
Posted In: Croatia, European Union, Europe debt crisis

Facebook to remove ads from offensive pages

If you go to Facebook today, you’ll find more content with no ads next to it. Why? It’s deemed controversial by the site, and advertisers don’t want any part of it.
Posted In: Facebook, advertising, social media

EU to U.S.: Stop bugging us

A multi-billion dollar free trade deal between the U.S. and Europe could be in jeopardy following the latest U.S. spying revelations.
Posted In: surveillance, nsa, PRISM, Europe

Taking fitness monitors for a test run

An array of gadgets will track your fitness program, tell you in great detail how many calories you're burning, and what your heart rate is. They can even give you a kick when you are falling short of your goals.
Posted In: fitness, Health, exercise, Tech

Encryption apps enter the mainstream

For the most part, strong encryption technology of our e-mails, texts, and phone calls has been the domain of the powerful and the paranoid. But that's starting to change.
Posted In: surveillance, nsa, PRISM, privacy, online privacy

Goodbye Google Reader, hello, what?

Google Reader is dead. Millions once used it to keep track of websites and blogs all in one place -- now they are up for grabs.
Posted In: Google, google reader

Britain's new bank chief takes the helm

Canadian Mark Carney takes over running the Bank of England today. Carney looks good and has star power, but some wonder whether the current adulation will last.
Posted In: Britain, Bank of England, england, banking, Europe

Cheaper walkers, wheelchairs on their way

Medicare drops reimbursement prices on loads of medical equipment on Monday.
Posted In: medical devices, prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchair

Manic Mondays at the Met museum in NYC?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art opens permanently on Monday for the first time in 42 years.
Posted In: art, museums, New York, New York City

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