Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 31, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 31, 2011

A new FAA bill could create jobs, reduce fuel use

The Senate this week will likely bring up a bill that helps to fund the Federal Aviation Administration -- the FAA. Similar bills in the past have been squashed because of political opposition. Seth Kaplan explains.

Sam Stovall: What the protests in Egypt mean for the global economy

Jeremy Hobson speaks with Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist with Standard and Poors, about the protests in Egypt and how they could affect the global economy.

Naguib Sawiris on the importance of democracy for business in Egypt

Steve Chiotakis speaks with Naguib Sawiris, chairman of the Egyptian telecom company Orascom, about the events in Egypt, and how a democratic government will benefit Egyptian businesses.

Moody's cuts Egypt's credit rating

It's another day of protests in Egypt. And Moody's Investors Service cut Egypt's credit rating and revised its outlook to negative, showing concern about how the unrest is costing the government. Scott Tong explains.

Investors watch protests in Egypt

As the turmoil continues in Egypt, global economies are beginning to feel the effect of the protests. Jeremy Hobson speaks with Jennifer Hughes, senior markets correspondent for the Financial Times, about the events in Egypt and how they affect the global economy.

Microsoft's Kinect could let advertisers into your home

Microsoft's new Kinect video game system can potentially see what you're doing in your living room. Sound spooky? It could be a boon for advertisers.

The effects of Davos may not be seen for months

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland wrapped up this weekend. Some critics of the event say that the forum didn't help the global economy, but others say the effects of the forum may just take longer to surface. Stephen Beard reports.

Egyptian protests concern major U.S. companies

The protests continue in Egypt today. Steve Chiotakis speaks with John Hamilton, North African specialist at Cross Border Information, about how American companies are reacting to the political unrest. uses data to track fashion trends

Have you ever looked at a particularly ugly piece of clothing, and wondered "How did this even get made?" With the help of new tools like -- a social networking site where fashion-followers can create collages of their favorite trends -- data can take the guess work out of getting dressed. Adriene Hill has more.

News Corp introduces iPad-only newspaper

Rupert Murdoch and Apple team up to launch The Daily, a newspaper exclusively for the iPad. Find out what it could mean for advertisers.
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Egypt's economy cannot sustain its young workforce

As the protests continue in Egypt, many of the people calling for change are under 30. As unemployment estimates among Egypt's college graduates reaches 30, Scott Tong explains the strained relationship between Egypt's economy and its growing young population.

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