Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 28, 2013

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This morning, we'll get a look at quarterly earnings from Caterpillar. The construction and mining equipment company's performance is seen as a key bellwether for the global economy, and Caterpillar's latest numbers could provide some insight about the strength of U.S. exports. Over the weekend, a new rule went into effect for smart phones: It is now illegal to unlock your phone without your provider's permission. And, a look at a Canadian company that makes the special paper on which money is printed.

PODCAST: Caterpillar and the economy and unlocking your iPhone is now breaking the law

What a construction giant tells us about the larger economy, and what happens now that unlocking your phone is illegal.
Posted In: Caterpillar, iPhone, Toyota, podcast

Are investors souring on Apple?

Apple shares fell 12 percent after record iPhone sales in December failed to meet forecasts.
Posted In: apple, iPhone

Optimism! American companies buy big ticket items

An unexpected jump in orders for durable goods is a great sign for manufacturing and the economy.
Posted In: durable goods, Fed

Senate group to unveil immigration reform plan

A bipartisan group of Senators is unveiling the outlines of a major immigration reform plan today.
Posted In: Immigration, Senate

Short on tax revenue, Atlanta counties sue HSBC

The housing crash not only touched off a wave of foreclosures, it torpedoed property values and the taxes cities and counties collect off them. But some localities are fighting back in an effort to reverse their budget shortfalls.
Posted In: HSBC, foreclosure, Atlanta, financial crisis

New credit card fees may be passed on to consumers

Using a credit card? Watch out for new 'swipe fees' being passed on from merchants to consumers.
Posted In: Credit Cards, Consumer Protection Act

Toyota's back on top

After a dramatic couple of years, Japanese car giant Toyota has beaten General Motors to become the world's biggest-selling car maker.
Posted In: bbc world service, Japan, cars, Toyota

Making money: The most secure paper in the world

How do you stop a counterfeiter? Holograms are out, but bank note windows are in. We talk with the CEO of Fortress Paper, a company that makes special paper that money is made from, with a focus on security.
Posted In: currency, counterfeit

Unlock your phone? You're breaking the law

If you're the type of tech savvy person who likes to hack your own electronics, you might be interested to know that unlocking your own cell phone without your provider's permission actually became illegal over the weekend.
Posted In: smart phones, telecom, regulation

As Caterpillar's earnings go, so go U.S. exports

The construction and mining equipment giant's quarterly earnings could be a harbinger of things to come for the U.S. export market.
Posted In: Caterpillar, exports, China

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