Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 26, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 26, 2009

Pfizer strikes deal to buy Wyeth

Pfizer announced a deal this morning to buy Wyeth for more than $68 billion, which it will do with the help of bailed-out banks. What does this say about the lending health of these banks? Steve Henn reports.
Posted In: Health, Investing, Mergers and Acquisitions

Clean-tech strong in venture capital

Solar power and "smart-grid" technology are the current winners in the venture capital race, and clean-tech is beating out biotech, which is getting a healthy shake-out. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Car dealers getting a rough deal

Carmakers have received billions in bailout loans, but car dealers don't seem to be as lucky. Detroit automakers want fewer dealerships around, and the recession is helping that happen. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Auto

Sour homecoming for Chinese migrants

Chinese New Year is a time migrant workers in China's cities head home to rural villages, see family and exchange hopeful stories. But in the economic squeeze, this year feels different. Scott Tong reports.
Posted In: Jobs

ING to shed 7,000 jobs worldwide

While Dutch bank ING will be cutting thousands of jobs globally and the chief executive will be stepping down, the company is not going bust. Stephen Beard reports how the Dutch taxpayer will help.
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Reminder: We're in a tough economy

Top officials in the Obama administration visited talk shows over the weekend to remind us that getting over this economy won't be easy. Even with a stimulus package, it will take a while before things get better. Steve Henn reports.

A strong quarter for Netflix

Netflix profits are getting help from consumers willing to trade down a night at the movies for a rented flick at home. But Blockbuster may chip away at those earnings when it expands its digital business. Rico Gagliano reports.
Posted In: Entertainment, Internet

Hydo can be a valuable tax loophole

Thanks to some good tax attorneys, The New York Times won't suffer too much from its $250 million deal with billionaire Carlos Slim. Scott Jagow asks Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan how a loophole called Hydo helped.
Posted In: Taxes

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