Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 21, 2013

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After a hostage crisis at a gas production complex in Algeria resulted in the deaths of dozens of hostages and militants over the weekend, a terror group is now claiming responsibility for the attack, and is pledging more violence. We take a look at how the unrest in Algeria will impact energy production in North Africa. Newly released transcripts from the Federal Reserve are giving the public a rare look at how the nation's central bank reacted in the early days of the financial crisis in 2007. And, as President Obama takes his second Oath of Office today, we look at education in America, and the opportunities it provides, with the help of some people born on past Inauguration Days.

PODCAST: Delta makes elite eliter, Ninja gigs are hard to come by

The ninja is one of Japan's oldest and most mysterious professions. But today modern methods to spy, sabotage, and kill are putting them out of work. Plus, on Delta elite is about to get a whole lot eliter, and the going rate for a Batmobile.
Posted In: Delta, debt ceiling

Will temporarily raising the debt ceiling help boost markets?

Julia Coronado, chief economist at BNP Paribas, discusses the debt ceiling delay proposed by House Republicans and its impact on the markets.
Posted In: debt ceiling, housing market

A smaller crowd in Washington as Obama begins second term

Four years after the largest presidential inauguration in history, President Obama's second term begins on a more subdued note.
Posted In: inauguration, Washington D.C., tourism

Kim Dotcom goes 'Mega'

The controversial and colorful online troublemaker Kim Dotcom has a new business venture. His last one, the file-sharing site Megaupload, got him indicted by American authorities, who say he got rich pirating content. He's new venture is just called Mega.
Posted In: file sharing, megaupload

In modern Japan, being a ninja is no way to make a living

The ninja is one of Japan's oldest and most mysterious professions, but today modern methods to spy, sabotage, and kill are putting them out of work.
Posted In: Japan, museums, ninja

Terrorism in Algeria's impact on natural gas development in North Africa

After a terrorist group claims responsibility for a bloody hostage crisis in Algeria, a look at how terrorism and civil unrest in North Africa impact's the U.S.'s energy supply.
Posted In: Algeria, BP, al qaeda, terrorism, Oil, natural gas

Born on Inauguration Day: How America has changed

Reflecting on what it's like to be born on Inauguration Day, and how America has changed over time.
Posted In: inauguration

Fed transcripts from 2007 show divided board

Newly released transcripts from 2007 show Federal Reserve officials were slow to act as the economy slid into recession.
Posted In: Economy, global recession, Federal Reserve, Timothy Geithner

Delta makes it tougher to keep elite flying status

Delta, through mergers, was liberal in awarding elite status to frequent flyers. Now it wants to thin the elite crowds
Posted In: Delta, airline prices, air travel

After 3 years, new attempts to limit Citizens United

The Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, allowing unlimited campaign spending by corporations and unions, is three years old. New York is taking the lead in trying to make donors more transparent.
Posted In: Eric Schneiderman, Citizens United, Supreme Court, campaign finance

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