Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 17. 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 17. 2011

Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced today his intention to take a medical leave of absence, though he plans to stay on as company CEO. Cecilia Kang explains.

Julia Coronado: Chinese President Hu Jintao in Washington

China's president Hu Jintao meets with President Obama in Washington this week. Steve Chiotakis speaks with Julia Coronado about what to expect from the meeting, and the President's remarks that the dollar-dominated reserve currency is "a thing of the past."
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Protests continue in Tunis

Troops in Tunisia fired water cannons and tear gas against hundreds of demonstrators in the centre of the capitol, Tunis.

Costco shoppers come for the bargains -- and the samples

If you've ever been to a Costco on a Saturday afternoon, you've fought the throngs of shoppers gathered around the samples tables. Costco says giving out samples is part of its business plan -- but does the tactic help sell products, or just feed hungry shoppers?

BP finds new hope in Russia

BP may still have a dark cloud in the U.S. after last year's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But it still has important friends. And, possibly, a new best friend -- Russia. Peter van Dyk explains.
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The euro zone bailout hits a new roadblock -- Germany

Finance ministers from the euro zone group of countries are meeting today in Brussels to solve the European debt crisis. Christopher Werth explains.

The new trend in urban farming: goats

Gone are the days of raised herb planters and zen gardens. Passionate urban farmers are now raising goats. But writer Novella Carpenter warns Brendan Francis Newnam, goats aren't for novice green thumbs.
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The sun sets on Evergreen Solar

The renewable energy company Evergreen Solar spent millions of dollars building a high tech plant to make solar panels. But after three years, the company is closing its Massachusetts factory.
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AIG prepares to sell 'damaged goods'

It may take a little while, but AIG is on the road to repaying billions it got in bailout money. But to do that, the company needs to repair a damaged image. Mitchell Hartman explains.
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