Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 14, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 14, 2008

Detroit's auto show emphasizes green

Electric cars, hybrids and other green concept cars are a big theme at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Jeremy Hobson has more on a few featured models -- including an eco-friendly Hummer.
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China opens to foreign banks

China has lifted its moratorium on foreign banks doing business with Chinese companies, and many international banks are now making deals. Jill Barshay reports the appeal is in China's stock market.
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Artists owning galleries take control

Enrollment is up at art colleges, but it's still not easy to make a living in the art world. In response to picky commercial galleries, many artists are cutting out the middleman by opening their own. Lisa Gray reports.

A sweet deal for Kazakhstan crude oil

Italy's Eni has been working with Kazakhstan to develop the country's big crude oil discovery. But Kazakhstan has changed the rules of the original deal and doubled its original stake. Megan Williams reports.

Amtrak strike may derail an economy

Amtrak workers are threatening to walk if management can't meet union demands. A strike would not just hurt commuters, but could serve the Northeast corridor and New York City a huge economic blow. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Why tap stock dividends now?

To cut costs, Citigroup might reduce or eliminate its dividends to shareholders. Scott Jagow talks to Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan about why big Wall Street banks have left stock dividends alone up until now.

Taiwan could get closer to China

The Nationalist Kuomintang Party's win in Taiwan might mean a better relationship between the country and China. Bill Marcus reports how the party's victory could improve trade by making it cheaper and faster.

Can Congress help subprime now?

The House and Senate have proposals to deal with the subprime mortgage crisis when they reconvene. But Danielle Karson reports it may be too little, too late for Congress to do anything about a possible recession.
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