Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, February 3, 2014

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By law in America, the government can only borrow so much. And the country is about to bump up against the debt limit later this month, unless Congress raises it. But why does the debt ceiling even exist? Plus, if the lopsided Super Bowl didn't fill your sports needs, just wait a few days. The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, kicks off Friday. Athletes are pumping themselves up, but so is law enforcement, including those in Russia doing counter-terrorism.  Beyond that, the international crime-fighters at Interpol have a $20 million deal with the International Olympic Committee to crack down on dopers, match-fixers, and corrupt betting schemes.

South Africa hosts major mining conference amid labor strife

A mining conference kicks off in Cape Town as platinum workers go on strike.
Posted In: mining, Africa, South Africa, strike

The real cost of connecting a school to Wi-Fi

The federal government is shelling out more than $2 billion so more public school students can get online. But it's costly to add Wi-Fi.
Posted In: Education, iPad, tablets, LAUSD, wifi

Why do we have a debt ceiling, anyway?

The debt ceiling began as a check on executive spending, but didn't reach its full crescendo until recently.
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Box headed for IPO

The cloud storage company focuses on helping businesses share data.
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Facebook launches Paper app

The new iPhone app seeks to streamline the experience of reading Facebook.
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Global crimefighters on edge at the Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has a $20 million contract with Interpol to police doping, match-fixing and corrupt gambling
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Government operates as 'matchmaker' for U.S. business in Mexico

On a trade mission to Mexico, Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker will play matchmaker for U.S. companies looking for new business partners.
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