Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, February 25, 2013

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Barring an eleventh-hour settlement, the British oil company BP will be in court today in New Orleans fighting tens of billions of dollars in civil claims related to the 2010 Gulf oil spill. India is launching seven satellites into space today, but the country's space agency has its eyes on Mars. And, the sequester is an idea that most politicians agree is a bad one. And the term 'sequester'? No one likes it. So where did the word come from?

PODCAST: Martha Stewart heads to court, sequester last resort

The sequester deadline is less than a week away, are the cuts all talk? Martha Stewart heads back to court as Macy's sues over her JC Penney partnership. And which of the BRIC countries is most corrupt?

Sequester: A fiscal cliff we will go over

Although Congress has avoided several fiscal deadlines in the eleventh-hour in the last few months, many political analysts are not optimistic a sequester deal will be struck.
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Sequester cuts: Economic threat or all politics?

As the government gets closer to the sequester deadline, the warnings about what the federal budget cuts would mean are getting louder.
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Global Corruption Quiz: Which countries are best and worst?

When it comes to public sector corruption, which of the BRIC countries -- Brazil, Russia, India, and China -- ranks the best and the worst?
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India joins the space race

India launched seven satellites into space. It's just the latest mission for India's space agency, which has its eyes on Mars at the moment.
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Martha Stewart back in court

The designer Martha Stewart gave Macy's exclusive rights to her product line and then partnered with JC Penney for a Martha Stewart boutique. Now Macy's is suing.
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BP oil spill lawsuit could get messy

The civil suit will determine the degree of BP's responsibility for the oil spill two years ago, which will help determine the size of damages.
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Software update for your iPhone! Should you accept?

Last week NASA lost direct contact with the International Space Station while updating their computer software. NASA may have learned their lesson, but have you?
Posted In: Tech, computers, software

Apple's not the only tech giant dodging U.S. taxes: Report

An investigative reporter in Northern California has calculated just how much some big technology companies have saved in U.S. taxes by stashing a chunk of their profits overseas.
Posted In: Taxes, Tech, apple, Google

Where does the term 'sequester' come from?

Former Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX) first used 'sequester' in a budget bill during the Reagan years. He still likes the term and the idea.
Posted In: sequester, Phil Gramm, federal budget

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