Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, February 25, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, February 25, 2008

No takeover for Take-Two

Video game maker Take-Two Interactive turned down a $2 billion bid from Electronic Arts. Dan Grech reports Take-Two wants to wait for merger talks until after the release of Grand Theft Auto IV.
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Recession hits charities' bottom line

Charities are concerned about the effects recession will have on their normal operations. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports corporate giving generally falls, and new donors will be scarce as companies hunker down.
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U.K. rates Google tops in business

A study of the top corporate brands in the U.K. listed Google as number one, dethroning the BBC and also bypassing Microsoft. Stephen Beard reports the survey identifies brands with the best British reputation.
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More on mortgage-backed securities

Bonds called commercial mortgage-backed securities had once allowed easy money to flow into the world of office buildings. But at the start of the year, they'd all but dried up. Lisa Napoli asks Fortune's Allan Sloan more.

A Sunday school lesson in mortgages

The Catholic churches of New York are playing their part helping the mortgage crisis by adding workshops to their weekly masses. Jill Barshay reports the financial sermons are delivered by experts, not the priests.
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Bringing Arabic music to America

Most Americans don't have enough experience with Arab music to appreciate it fully. Caitlan Carroll reports on a group of Arab musicians hoping to change that by bringing their music into the American mainstream.
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Are the Oscars in danger?

What impact did the writers' strike have on Sunday's Oscars? And was Jon Stewart's iPhone a sign of product placement to come? Lisa Napoli poses these questions to Oscars attendee David Carr of the New York Times.
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More see recession on the way

The good news: 55 percent of economists surveyed in a new poll don't believe the U.S. will fall into a full-blown recession. The bad news is 45 percent of them do. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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