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First it was Mitsubishi, Ford, and a car company called Holden. Now Toyota says it will stop making cars in Australia. And, with Treasury Secretary Lew now saying the U.S. could run out of authority to pay its debts in about two and a half weeks, Republicans controlling the House of Representatives are now talking about a vote on the so-called "debt ceiling" this Wednesday. That's by no means certain. The Treasury Department is shifting money between accounts to keep the country solvent, while Congress figures out strategy. But the fight over the debt ceiling is tied up in a larger problem. The government is not good at making honest and accurate predictions about our future spending and deficits.

PODCAST: Problems in the U.S. drug pipeline

The U.S. has a new ambassador to China, who'll have to face challenges in getting Chinese and American businesses to play nice. And in New Orleans, learning music by watching the feet.
Posted In: pharmaceuticals, China, music education

Toyota will stop making cars in Australia by 2017

A grim domino effect for car manufacturing in Australia.
Posted In: Toyota, Australia, car manufacturing

How Michael Sam coming out might impact his paycheck

What Sam's agent may be telling the openly gay athlete.
Posted In: American Football, NFL, NFL draft

Problems in the U.S. drug pipeline

Ahead of the release of a GAO report and a Congressional hearing Monday on drug shortages, we look at what’s behind the increasing number of problems in the U.S. drug pipeline (quality control and closed plants are two reasons) and play out how the shortages affect the cost of delivering care and patients’ health.
Posted In: drug shortages, drug pipeline

Why the government can't plan ahead

Congress is not good at predicting future spending and deficits.
Posted In: Congress, planning, budget defecit

For China, a new year and a new U.S. ambassador

The United States has a new ambassador to China: Montana Senator Max Baucus was unanimously confirmed by the Senate late last week. Is he up for the job?
Posted In: China, Ambassador, China's Environment

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