Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, December 6, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, December 6, 2010

Ben Bernanke speaks to two audiences on "60 Minutes"

Jeremy Hobson speaks to Julia Coronado about Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's appearance on CBS's "60 Minutes." He defended the Fed's recent efforts to boost the economy against critics who warn those efforts will lead to inflation.

Continental Airlines and one mechanic found guilty in Concorde case

A court in France has found Continental Airlines and one of its mechanics guilty of criminal wrongdoing and manslaughter. That stems from the crash of a Concorde supersonic jet in France ten years ago that killed 113 people.

Insurance companies join the Cancun climate talks

The UN climate change talks will wrap up this week in Cancun, Mexico. But while countries discuss climate issues, so too does the insurance industry. Scott Tong reports.
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Could a compromise be reached over tax cuts?

Congress could reach a bipartisan compromise on the Bush Tax cuts. It would likely include an extension of unemployment benefits and perhaps an extension of tax credits that were included in the stimulus package last year. David Gura has more.

Neighborhoods reject the Dollar General image, but not the savings

When Austell residents learned a new store along the main highway was going to be a Dollar General, "price" was the last thing on their minds. This was about image. Jim Burress reports.
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Issuing European bonds across the Euro Zone could spread risk

The Financial Times reports Italy and Luxembourg have introduced a new way to help troubled countries -- spreading the risk by selling European bonds. Christopher Werth has more.

U.S. and South Korea's free-trade agreement and the effect on automakers

The U.S. and South Korea have reached a deal on free-trade. Now attention turns to automakers, and how this agreement could affect them. Rob Schmitz explains.
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The new trend in corporate philanthropy: giving books

This holiday season, corporate philanthropy programs are donating books instead of more traditional donations. Jeff Tyler has more.

New York City could be the new tech mecca, thanks to Google

Google has reportedly moved to buy an office building in New York's West Chelsea neighborhood for about $2 billion. Janet Babin has more.
Posted In: Internet

Bernanke returns to "60 Minutes"

Ben Bernanke makes his second "60 Minutes" appearance to address criticism of his policies from economists and politicians. David Gura explains.

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