Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, December 3, 2012

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As the fiscal cliff approaches, many companies are shoveling money out the door before year's end in the form of special dividends to shareholders to avoid tax issues in the new year. A new report out today says 6.5 million young Americans are disconnected -- meaning out of school, with no job. Plus, we wish a very happy 20th birthday to the text message.

PODCAST: Shake ups in air travel, Happy Birthday Texting

Today, a look at the next wave of fees airlines have up their sleeves. Plus, HBD -- that's "happy birthday" -- to text messaging, turning 20 today.

Airlines looking to charge the right amount of fees

Seems like profits never come easily in the airline industry. And there are evidently always new ideas for how to pull in a few more bucks from flyers.
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California port strikes not affecting retailers... yet

Today, huge container ships are anchored off-shore from southern California today, waiting to get into the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. It's the seventh day of a strike that has crippled the busiest port complex in the country.
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Companies release dividends ahead of fiscal cliff

Fiscal cliff tax questions are why many companies are shoveling money out the door before year's end in the form of special dividends to shareholders.
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Delta flirts with buying a stake in Virgin Atlantic

America’s biggest airline, Delta, is reported to be bidding for a big stake in Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic. The deal could lead to Branson giving up control of the carrier he founded.
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Tobacco packaging laws could hurt Australian retailers

Over the weekend, the world’s most restrictive packaging law for cigarettes went into effect in Australia. All tobacco products in the country must now be sold in the same generic package, covered with images of diseases caused by smoking.
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Online world anxious over new U.N. regulations

Heavy hitters in the online world worry that U.N. regulation could stifle the Internet's future.
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OMG! Text messaging turns 20 years old

From a simple Christmas greeting in 1992, texting has become a cultural and financial phenomenon. But has this communication form peaked?
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Number of 'disconnected youth' on the rise

Millions of young people are out of school and have no jobs.
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