Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 8, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 8, 2011

Flummoxed by market reaction? Traders aren't...

Ellen Zentner, senior U.S. economist at Nomura Securities, says no one's surprised by the hot-and-cold reaction to the S&P downgrade.
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Debt downgrade: Could we see a relief rally?

Markets are down slightly this morning, but Marketplace's Jeff Horwich says that stocks could see a big gain: because the downturn has investors seeing sale prices.
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France might be next country to get the downgrade treatment

France may be next on the downgrade hit list; analysts say French debt levels are as unsustainable as America's

Market worries are more about long-term outlook than credit ratings

Julia Coronado, chief economist with the investment bank BNP Paribas, says we can't really resolve our debt problems without taking fewer retirement benefits and paying higher taxes
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Explainer: Debt downgrade and your wallet

How American consumers will be affected: most mortgages and credit card interest rates are tied to U.S. Treasuries. That means higher mortgage payments and credit card bills.
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Traders say downgrade overshadowed by economic slowdown

Investors still see the U.S. as creditworthy. But, they're turning their attention to worries over economic growth.
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Debt downgrade: The view from the trading floor

Marketplace's New York Bureau Chief Heidi Moore explains why Wall Street is more concerned with poor economic growth and a weak job market than the downgrade on U.S. debt
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China talks tough on U.S. downgrade

Chinese officials slammed the U.S. over debt and policy issues today, but reliance on U.S. bonds makes it nearly impossible for China to act on any of their harsh rhetoric

Eurozone woes weigh on markets

Europeans are more concerned about their own debt problems than the downgrade of U.S. debt. Marketplace's Stephen Beard explains.

Why the rich are investing in 'family offices'

A 'family office' is an investment vehicle that deals with the money of a single family, allowing the wealthy investors to avoid a lot of disclosure and regulation
Posted In: Investing

How the downgrade affects the national mindset

The downgrade to U.S. debt means the American ego will take a hit, and consumer spending relies heavily on how we all feel about the economic outlook
Posted In: Economy

New regulations cause trucker shortage

Stricter rules on hours and quality have led to fewer truckers on the road. That was fine during the recession, but shipping loads are increasing with a recovering economy.
Posted In: Jobs

Will the U.S. ever get its AAA rating back?

It will take a few years, and a whole lot of economic impacts, before we return to top-notch status
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