Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 29, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 29, 2011

FEMA stretched thin after Hurricane Irene

When disaster hits, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is tasked with helping state and local governments recover. But with tragedy already striking earlier this year, their funds are running low.
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Wall Street commuters struggle after hurricane

New York City was able to weather the storm over the weekend, but Hurricane Irene hit more suburban and rural areas, too. And much of Wall Street is staffed by commuters from these areas.
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Hurricane Irene floods Vermont and rural areas

Big cities stood anxiously awaiting Hurricane Irene over the weekend. But smaller areas, even those far from the coast, were also hit with heavily flooding.
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Genetically-engineered corn gets hit by 'super bugs'

Many plants have been genetically engineered in recent years to improve yield and avoid things like pests. But what happens when those pests become resistant to our science?

Wall Street preps for post-Hurricane Irene open

Wall Street firms began preparing last week for backup plans in the case of disaster during Hurricane Irene. As the markets open this morning, it seems they avoided catastrophe.
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Some tourist towns hit hard by Hurricane Irene

Many businesses on the East Coast shut down over the weekend for Hurricane Irene. But for tourist industries that depend on the summer months to keep them going throughout the year, losing a few days of business can have big effects.
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New Yorkers brave the morning commute after Hurricane Irene

Businesses and public transportation were shut down over the weekend. Now that Hurricane Irene has passed by New York, is it back to business as usual?
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For some businesses, Hurricane Irene a blessing

Many businesses on the East Coast closed down for Hurricane Irene this weekend. But for some that stayed open, the weather may have provided a boost.
Posted In: Small Business

Under new law, patents would go to first-filers

The patent bills working their way through Congress give priority to the first person who files for a patent, rather than the first person who invents a product or idea. So what does this mean for the future of inventing things?

How do you weaken a currency?

Japan's yen has remained strong despite the major earthquake and tsunami earlier this year. The country's finance minister will be making suggestions on how to weaken the currency -- but what does that mean?

U.S. Navy sets sail with a hybrid

The USS Makin Island is a next-generation assault ship that's part of the Pentagon's mission to cut its fossil fuel dependency.

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