Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 27, 2012

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There's another big winner in the Apple vs. Samsung patent verdict: Microsoft. The finance ministers of Germany and France are meeting today in Berlin. There have been calls to return the US to the so called "gold standard," but there are challenges to doing so. And today Wal-Mart starts offering a slew of different vaccines in thousands of stores.

U.N. official calls on nations to prevent global food crisis

A top U.N. official says countries like the U.S. will have to adjust their agricultural policies. But some say the leader's latest statement is too little, too late.
Posted In: food prices, globalization

PODCAST: Republicans consider the gold standard, Hertz to buy Dollar Thrifty

Among our main stories today are the wrap-up of earnings season, the potential fallout from the recent Apple vs. Samsung patent decision and the popularity of 3D movies in China.
Posted In: apple, gold standard, Europe

Banker's arrest sends Vietnamese markets spiraling

Vietnam has been on a roller coaster ride for a week. The turmoil was caused by one banker arrested for financial crimes.
Posted In: Vietnam, Banks

Hertz to buy Dollar Thrifty for $2.3 billion

If you think you have a lot of choices in car rentals, you’re wrong. The latest deal caps a long trend of mergers. If it goes through, just three big players will dominate
Posted In: Hertz, rental car

New Orleans prepares for another hurricane

If you look at the forecast map for Tropical Storm Isaac this morning, you'll see a scary trajectory. But this time, after billions of dollars and years of preparation, New Orleans might just be ready.
Posted In: New Orleans, hurricane

Apple vs Samsung verdict could change smartphone landscape

Should we get ready for circular cellphones? On Friday a jury in Silicon Valley ruled Samsung's smartphones violate Apple patents for a number of pretty basic elements.
Posted In: apple, samsung, patent wars

German and French finance ministers meet

Marketplace's Stephen Beard says September is going to hold some big questions. Will the European Central Bank put together its rescue plan? Will Greece get its next chunk of money to allow it to stay in the euro?
Posted In: euro, Germany, Greece

Apple vs Samsung verdict is a big win for Microsoft

Microsoft has been trying to compete in the smartphone market for years. With the recent Apple vs. Samsung patent verdict, Microsoft may be able to point out the hidden costs of Android.
Posted In: patent wars, apple, samsung, Microsoft

Facing sailor shortage, Navy ups bonuses

The Navy is offering sailors hundreds of extra dollars a month if they agree to go back out to sea sooner than expected.
Posted In: navy, Jobs

Hollywood looks to China for 3D movies

"The Dark Knight Rises" and "The Amazing Spiderman" are being released in China. Hollywood expects big audiences and big profits from offering the movies as a 3D experience there.
Posted In: China, 3d, film, Avatar

GOP considers studying a return to the gold standard

Restoring the link between gold and the dollar could send ripples through global financial system.
Posted In: currency, gold

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