Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 25, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Western fights potential ID thefts

British press reports say hackers penetrated Best Western's European online reservation system late last week and stole names and credit card details. But Stephen Beard reports damage control is underway.
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Mower emissions will go lower

The Environmental Protection Agency is working on stricter emissions standards for mowers, which can emit as much smog as 34 cars. Janet Babin reports the new rules could be issued as soon as next month.

Run, the Olympics are coming!

London is already preparing for the Olympics in 2012, but some Londoners wonder whether the payoff will be worth the price. Christopher Werth explores a theory that says the Games might actually scare tourists away.
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A clear way to better energy in China?

Now that the Olympics are over, optimists are hoping China's most polluting factories will stay closed and replaced with cleaner energy facilities. Scott Tong talks to Scott Jagow about how that might affect the economy.

Playing for time, praying for change

Last week, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said the bailout of Bear Stearns might've set a dangerous precedent. Allan Sloan from Fortune Magazine tells Scott Jagow why he calls the Fed's strategy "play and pray."

Tab for the uninsured keeps rising

A study out this morning says the U.S. government would have to pay $123 billion to provide for all the uninsured nationwide. Renita Jablonski reports what uninsured Americans will spend out of pocket this year.
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