Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 19, 2013

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Will the EU cut back aid to Egypt? The U.S. tries to get Japan to buy more American cars. And China tries to lure private equity investors to Tibet.

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JPMorgan is probed over hiring practices in China. The defund Obamacare tour kicks off. And an astrophysicist weighs in on how to speed up plane boarding.

Down goes Google, down goes the Internet?

It was only down for a few minutes, but a Google outage on Friday still has people talking about the global impact.
Posted In: Google, Internet

Random House gets in show business

TV food shows are big, and cookbooks by show hosts like Emeril Lagasse do really well. Penguin Random House is trying to reverse that equation.
Posted In: Random House, television, publishing

U.S. reconsiders billions in aid to Egypt's military

So far, the U.S. is suspending military exercises with Egypt, but not cutting off military aid money.
Posted In: Egypt

JPMorgan probed over hiring practices in China

The SEC is looking into whether the investment bank hired the children of powerful Chinese leaders in an effort to win business.
Posted In: China, JPMorgan

Will China's plan to remake Tibet as a tax haven work?

When you think of Tibet, you probably don't think of private equity. Nonetheless, some investment companies are moving there, lured by big tax breaks.
Posted In: China, Tibet, tax cuts

EU questions aid to Egypt as violence rages

As violence escalates and criticism grows of Egypt's military-backed regime, European aid to Egypt is now under greater scrutiny.
Posted In: Egypt, Europe, military

One person's mobile coupon app is another's seeing eye dog

Technology can make us better, faster, stronger, and more productive. But it has another promise: accessibility.
Posted In: disability, disabled, Tech

Will Japan open up roadways to more U.S. automakers?

The U.S. wants to make it easier for American automakers to get their cars in front of Japanese customers.
Posted In: GM, Ford, Japan, asia, Auto

Can robots create art?

A continuing goal and a heated debate in the tech world: Can robots truly create art? And what does that even mean?
Posted In: robots, art, Music

How to speed up plane boarding? Ask an astrophysicist

Airlines endlessly try to engineer procedures to speed up boarding and reduce costly delays. A scientist thinks he has the solution.
Posted In: airline industry, Science, math

The defund Obamacare tour kicks off

Heritage Action for America and leading Republicans will host town halls in nine cities as part of a “Defund Obamacare Tour.” Can the Affordable Care Act really be defunded?
Posted In: health care, Affordable Care Act, Obama

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