Marketplace Morning Report for Monday August 18, 2014

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The California legislature is debating a bill that would make it harder for franchise companies to cancel contracts with their franchisees. The idea of strengthening individual franchise holders is supported by labor, which thinks it will empower franchise holders to make their own improvements to pay scales. Plus, when the Clippers deal is done, what has been accomplished? The NBA has a $2 billion valuation for a franchise, it has another billionaire owner, the Sterlings each take away $1 billion.

PODCAST: Freeing franchises from their companies

The Fed heads to Wyoming, California liberates franchises, and the $2 billion Clippers deal.

Owners of franchises may get more control

California may make it harder for companies to break with franchise owners.
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A big day for the Clippers and the NBA

The $2 billion deal benefits most everyone involved. #Win.
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The emotional and economic toll on Ferguson, Missouri

Unrest surrounding the death of Michael Brown highlights an economic disparity.
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