Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 04, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, August 04, 2008

Fed looks into credit card changes

The Federal Reserve wants to impose new rules on credit card companies that would help curb high rates and give those in debt more time to pay. Nancy Marshall Genzer has more on what the Fed wants to change.

BA, American Airlines get closer

As turbulence continues in the airline industry, British Airways and American Airlines want to huddle together to cut costs. Stephen Beard reports the union may benefit both carriers, but it's not a marriage.
Posted In: Airlines, Mergers and Acquisitions

An Olympic build-up in Beijing

The Beijing Olympics are just days away, and the Chinese capital stands to benefit from millions of dollars in infrastructure. Lisa Chow reports just how much might go into the city.
Posted In: Sports

Lessons from the local foreign press

In a shrinking media market, staff at newspapers and magazines have to wear many hats. But many foreign-focused newspapers in the U.S. have already gotten the hang of working with a smaller staff. Rob Schmitz has more.

Fed funds rate expected to stay steady

The Federal Reserve meets tomorrow on interest rates, and Fed watchers expect the federal funds rate to stay at 2 percent. Jeremy Hobson reports why some say a steady rate is more likely -- and why it may be safer.
Posted In: Economy

Vioxx payouts may not be enough

Vioxx users who sued Merck will begin to receive payouts from the lawsuit this week. But Dan Grech reports several claimants are saying the money they receive won't be enough to cover the damage done.
Posted In: Crime, Health

The real deficit and how we came to it

The Bush Administration is projecting the deficit for the next White House will be about half a trillion. But Allan Sloan takes Scott Jagow through the numbers and explains why it's probably closer to $900 billion.

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