Marketplace Morning Report for Monday April 28, 2014

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Rents are rising in cities across the country, but it’s odd that a New York City report pegs its average rent at $1,167. We look at how the City Comptroller sees things, as opposed to, say, authoritative sources like Zillow. Plus, as TV viewers increasingly divert their attention to their smartphones during commercial breaks, a new service promises to sync up the ad they’re (not) watching on TV with the ads being served to the apps, like Facebook, on their phone. We explain the need, and also dig into just how it works.

What can the NBA do about unwanted owners?

We look at why breast-cancer survivors have a high rate of long-term unemployment. And, a look at the markets in the week ahead.
Posted In: NBA, Donald Sterling, Clippers, breast cancer, long-term unemployment
Long-term unemployment for cancer survivors

Breast-cancer survivors and long-term unemployment

University of Michigan researchers say the rate can be 30 percent or higher several years after treatment.
Posted In: breast cancer, family medical leave act, medical leave

Want to buy a Tesla in China? Take a number.

What is it about some products that get us to wait in line?
Posted In: tesla

When ads start jumping to the second screen

A service could cut off an escape route from the commercial break.
Posted In: ads, second screen, Facebook
The Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village apartment in NYC

New York's median rent is $1,100. Seems low...

Rents are rising in cities across the country.
Posted In: rent, New York City, Housing

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