Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, April 27, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, April 27, 2009

Chrysler works it out with auto workers

Chrysler still faces a real threat of bankruptcy, but yesterday, it took a big step towards survival. Bill Radke talks to Tracy Samilton, auto industry reporter for Michigan Radio.
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Swine flu hits health of the economy

The economic effects of the swine flu outbreak could trickle down to everything from trade to travel to day-to-day purchases. Steve Chiotakis talks to Sam Stovall from S&P Equity Research.
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Countries screen for swine flu at arrival

North American passengers arriving in Asia are having their temperature taken, while the U.S. screens for signs of swine flu at the Mexican border. Steve Henn reviews how the world is moving to control the pandemic.
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Art's not selling for what it once did

Auction houses dealing in art have been hit hard by the economic fallout, and big pieces have dropped significantly in value. Amy Scott reports collectors are reluctant to part with important works in a depressed market.

Swine flu boosts drug maker profits

Drug manufacturers Roche and GlaxoSmithKline are seeing a rise in the markets this morning on the continued worldwide reaction to swine flu. Both drug makers are ready to deploy their stockpiles. Christopher Werth reports.
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Space dwindling at community colleges

State funding for community colleges has not been able to keep up with the rapidly increasing pace of enrollment. Dan Grech visits Miami-Dade College, where management is considering repealing an unwritten contract not to turn anyone away.
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Sexy not a sell for Pontiac right now

General Motors has been relying on male fantasies about muscle cars to make Pontiac sexy, and it's worked in the past. But in this economy, people are picking practicality over sex appeal. Steve Henn reports.
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How will Chrysler reach its deadline?

Chrysler is negotiating with its creditors, and adrenaline is pumping as the automaker goes forward on its way to an agreement. Steve Chiotakis talks to Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan about plans for the final week of negotiations.

Utilities concerned over cap-and-trade

House lawmakers may have a new version of a climate change bill this week. But American power producers are worried about the expense of a proposed cap-and-trade system. Jennifer Collins reports.

Cautious China bans Mexican pork

As the world reacts to the potential swine flu pandemic, China is airing on the side of caution. The country's move to ban live pigs and pork from Mexico will have a tiny impact on global trade. Steve Henn reports.

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