Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, April 20, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, April 20, 2009

What matters in the Oracle deal

Tech giant Oracle is buying server and software maker Sun Microsystems in a $7.4 billion acquisition. Bill Radke talks to tech blogger Kara Swisher, who explains why the deal is important, although maybe not transformative.
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A second look at those B of A profits

Bank of America's $4.2 billion first-quarter profits in the first quarter would seem to revive hopes for the financial system. But the seemingly strong earnings aren't without caveats. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
Posted In: Wall Street

Awakening to an 'erosion of capital'

How is the market responding to Bank of America's announcement that profits doubled in the first quarter? Steve Chiotakis talks to analyst Jane D'Arista of the Financial Markets Center.
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Ex-criminals give lives solar power

A Los Angeles gang-prevention program helps give ex-gang members new direction by teaching them how to install solar panels. The program provides hope for ex-criminals, even in a tough job market. Caitlan Carroll reports.

Banks not lend-friendly post-bailout

All but three of the biggest recipients of federal bailout assistance originated fewer loans in Feburary than they did before they got the funds. Bob Moon reports the banks haven't been as lend-friendly as hoped.

Halliburton hasn't shaken its bad rep

Despite spinning off its military contract business two years ago, the name Halliburton still brings bad things to mind. Jennifer Collins reports what branding experts recommend the company do to improve its image.

GM looking to unload Opel, Vauxhall

General Motors has been looking for ways to restructure its European operations. Its latest deal could net a big investor Germany's Opel and the U.K.'s Vauxhall with no real financial gain for GM. Christopher Werth reports.
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For bank payback, conditions apply

Bank giants like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase appear strong enough to pay back their portion of bailout money and get back to business as usual. But Ashley Milne-Tyte reports what the conditions of that payback would be.

Chrysler, CAW talks more demanding

Chrysler is talking to the Canadian Auto Workers union today, demanding it accept a big cut in wages and health care. Caitlan Carroll reports talks in Canada could be a precursor to what happens in talks with autoworkers in the U.S.
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Fortune 500 not so fortunate this year

Fortune released its list yesterday of the 500 largest publicly traded companies, and the magazine says the Fortune 500 is having its worst year ever. Steve Chiotakis explores the revenue plunge with Fortune's Allan Sloan.

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