Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 9, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 9, 2011

Having grown too big, Bank of America to cut back again

Bank of America could be laying off as many as 40,000 workers. A few years ago, it would have been hard to imagine the banking giant was spreading itself too thin.
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Is jobs package enough to grow, or just prevent recession?

Some have great expectations for President Obama's jobs plan if it passes Congress. But is half a trillion really enough money to stir up the huge economy of the U.S.?
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After filing bankruptcy, Solyndra is raided by the FBI

Solyndra, a solar company, was the great hope of moving forward on green job creation. Now, the firm has filed for bankruptcy and is under investigation by the government.

Tax credits play major part in new Obama plan

A huge part of the new jobs plan Obama announced yesterday depends on tax cuts -- both for individuals and for companies willing to hire. But will it be enough to actually make a dent?
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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: Money will go to L.A. schools

Obama's jobs package was announced last night. We spoke to the man in charge of the country's second largest city, Los Angeles, about how his constituents can benefit from the plan.
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Proposed Obama plan could raise GDP and help avoid recession

Last night, President Obama proposed a huge new plan to move the economy forward. We speak to Richard DeKaser, who thinks it might be just the ticket to helping our financial woes.
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Tunisia, Egypt await funds to move new governments forward

Free elections are set for this fall in the Arab Spring countries of Tunisia and Egypt. But will democracy progress without the promised funding from European leaders?

Small businesses should benefit from Obama's jobs plan

Much of the jobs plan that Obama announced last night seems similar to previous stimulus packages we've already seen. What makes this time different?
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Long immune, Australia may finally feel unemployment strain

While the global recession hit many countries hard, thus far Australia has escaped much of the financial chaos. But now its one dimensional job market may be its downfall.

Muslim charitable giving shifted to domestic causes after 9/11

Following the 9/11 attacks, many Muslim charities in the U.S. were forced to shut down. But others were able to grow and prosper.
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Persistently high unemployment has its reasons

The Brookings Institution finds there are several. Employers just aren't hiring. And companies can't find enough educated workers for jobs they do have.
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