Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 23, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 23, 2011

Amazon tax bill in CA could encourage passage in more states

Today, Gov. Jerry Brown of California could potentially sign a bill that would allow states to collect taxes from internet sales on, and more retailers are next in line.
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Mixing U.S. and global troubles makes dangerous market cocktail

Markets are once again going haywire this week, after investors were hit with the news of a possible U.S. government shutdown and a slowdown of Chinese growth.
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Market volatility could remain even without euro debt crisis

The current ups and downs in the market are being explained by the compounding of the European debt crisis with this week's Fed announcements. But markets might not recover even if these issues are solved.
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'Safe haven' commodity prices fall

Stock prices have been dropping around the globe in response to European and American financial issues. Normally, this would make gold and silver more attractive to investors, so why not this time?
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WTO says global outlook is 'increasingly uncertain'

One important indicator of global economic health is trade, which can quickly have a domino effect across the globe.

TV shows account for big part of Hollywood profits

Movies are getting more and more expensive to make. The biggest studios in Hollywood now turn to TV to make the most of their money, with profits coming in from advertisers, cable companies, and streaming services like Netflix.
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U.S. and European debt woes create vicious market cycle

As the economic instability in Europe worsens, the U.S. is in no shape to set an example of effective government financial reform. That's putting global markets on edge.
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Why non-communicable diseases overseas can affect the U.S.

Emerging countries are developing the same sorts of diseases that plague us here in the U.S. Keeping them healthy will keep us healthy too, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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What's causing a national drug shortage?

Congress will convene with doctors, hospitals and drugmakers today to talk about what to do about the drug shortage in this country right now.
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Barcelona tussles over bullfighting ban

Catalonia recently voted to ban bullfighting; it's the first Spanish region to do so. Some agree the practice is outdated, others argue about the loss of jobs.

Solar industry will survive Solyndra controversy

But green investments may be harder to come by in the future.

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