Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 17, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 17, 2010

What kind of power will Warren have?

Elizabeth Warren will oversee the creation of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection granted in the financial reform law. But there are still questions about how much power Warren will have. Reporter Nancy Marshall Genzer talks the details with Steve Chiotakis.
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More pregnancy leave upsets Euro biz

If you're an expectant mother in the U.S., the Family and Medical Leave Act gives 12 weeks unpaid leave. But in Europe, pregnant women get 14 weeks and part of their salary. Now there are plans to give them even more.

VIDEO: A behemoth airline merger

All the week's business news in a 60-second poem. This week: Some big airline mergers, tax cut extensions, Tea Party victories, health care opponents show endurance, and Basel III.

Has economy hit sweet spot in prices?

Jill Schlesinger, editor-at-large over at CBS MoneyWatch, talks with Steve Chiotakis about why inflation hasn't taken hold and what it means for the overall economy if we've hit a sweet spot.

London Fashion Week still pays off

Fashion designers, models and clothing buyers are descending on London as London Fashion Week begins. And the organizers say it's still a big money maker, even in a sluggish economy. Stephen Beard reports.
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Art world finds a new market online

These days you can buy almost everything on the web: books, clothes, shoes. As Jeff Tyler reports, you can also buy art -- really, really expensive art.

What United-Continental means for us

Shareholders of United and Continental airlines have been voting for a few weeks now. We're going to get the results today on whether the two will merge to create the world's biggest airline. Tony Arnold reports on what the merger would mean for the airline industry.
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Doubt on China's forced auto ventures

A story in the Wall Street Journal reports that China's government is considering plans to force foreign automakers to share cutting-edge electric vehicle technology if they want to continue manufacturing in China. Rob Schmitz reports auto industry experts say they don't believe it.
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FDA mulls genetically-modified salmon

Consumer and environmental groups will be watching the Food and Drug Administration, which could approve -- for the first time -- a genetically-modified animal. Rob Manning reports on the experimental fish.
Posted In: Food

SEC to look at banks' 'window dressing'

The Securities and Exchange Commission will tackle a loophole in bank regulations that came to light during the financial crisis. The loophole allows a practice known as "window dressing." John Dimsdale reports.

United, Continental shareholders vote

Shareholders of United and Continental Airlines will vote on the airlines' proposed merger. Reporter Nancy Marshall Genzer talks with Bill Radke about why these two airlines want to merge and how effective these types of mergers are.
Posted In: Airlines, Mergers and Acquisitions

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