Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 16, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 16, 2011

Super committee cuts, if successful, will span 10 years

The super committee tasked with cutting over a trillion dollars from the Federal budget may seem like it has an impossible task at hand, but $1.2 trillion is not much in the grand scheme of Washington spending.

Economic outlook is grim, but stocks still up this week

Despite the ongoing economic turmoil, stocks were actually up this week. Jill Schlesinger explains why Europe is like a patient -- we can give it medicine, but we haven't cured the disease.
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As leaders meet in Europe, crisis remains largely unchanged

After growing fears this week about a Greek default, leaders today are now saying there is reason to still have confidence in the financial system. But has anything really changed?
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BlackBerry maker RIM's earnings fall 58%

Once the go-to phone for businesses, BlackBerry is now losing out to the Apple iPhone and other competitors.

Developing BRICS countries less affected by European downturn

The global economy we live with today means that when Europe hurts, we all hurt. But developing nations like Brazil are hit much less hard these days than the U.S.

Reports: UBS rogue trader dealt with exchange-traded funds

A trader at Swiss bank UBS is being accused of losing $2 billion in bad trades. And many fingers are pointing to complicated derivatives called exchange-traded funds.
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Actual consumer sentiment difficult to measure

One indicator of the overall economy's well-being comes from consumer sentiment. But it can be a hard thing to measure and predict.

Getting scientific in Hollywood

A new nonprofit program teams up Hollywood writers and directors with scientists to encourage more accuracy in entertainment.
Posted In: Entertainment

Walmart expands on solar

While Solyndra gets investigated by the government, another solar company gets a big boost from a big retailer.

Shopping around for title insurance

Homeowners who are refinancing within a short timespan don't always need to pay full-price for title insurance again.
Posted In: Housing

Obama's 'all-or-nothing' jobs plan faces opposition from both sides

Despite heavy pushing this week, it looks unlikely that President Obama's jobs package will be passed as-is. And if it isn't passed, even those who do have jobs will feel it.

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