Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, October 28, 2011

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A debt deal was reached in Europe yesterday, but the problems are far from over. Today, a European official spoke to Chinese leaders about getting funding for their plan, while here in the U.S., Republicans and Democrats continue to clash in super committee debates over the best way to slash the budget. Colleges are bidding for prime real estate space in New York City, while NASA launches a big weather satellite.

Europe looks to China for help with bailout fund

The head of the euro zone bailout fund is in China today asking for help.

NASA's big space launch -- of a weather satellite

It may not be a major space shuttle, but the humble satellite could provide invaluable data.
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Colleges bid for NYC space

Today is the final day for proposals to build a campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City. Some big-name schools are in contention.
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How to handle Greek debt in your portfolio

A financial planner advises not to get panicked about facing Greek debt.
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Super committee members clash over tax increases

With a deadline less than a month away, Democrats and Republicans on the super committee are disagreeing over the best way to cut the deficit.

Hewlett-Packard holds on to PC business for now

Hewlett-Packard has switched gears again, now saying that it won't leave the PC business just yet.

Banks back down on debit card fees

After major backlash following Bank of America's decision to charge $5 for debit cards, other big banks across the country are deciding against the practice.
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Jill Schlesinger: More consumer spending, less saving

Jill Schlesinger of CBS/MoneyWatch explains why the current economic numbers in the U.S. aren't sustainable.
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Mike Holland: U.S leaders could learn from Europe

News about the debt crisis solution in Europe has markets reacting positively, but we still have problems to solve here at home.

Mid-day Extra: Burning the midnight oil

Faced with lack of space and demand from students with hectic schedules, some community colleges across the U.S. are offering classes in the wee hours of the morning.
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If not debit fees, what will banks do to earn cash?

Big banks have backed off of the idea of debit card fees for now in the wake of backlash against Bank of America's plan. But where will banks try to make money going forward?
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Russia won't turn back the clock

Last March, Russia moved to summer time, as it has for the past 30 years -- but now it's not going back.
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