Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, October 14, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street protesters react

Marketplace's Alisa Roth has reactions from the protesters in New York's Zuccotti Park after a potential crisis for Occupy Wall Street was averted.
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Occupy Wall Street protesters energized in New York

The crowd in Zuccotti Park reacts to the news that they will not be forced to leave their posts this morning for a mandatory clean-up.
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Occupy Wall Street spreads to London

As Occupy Wall Street in New York scores a victory this morning, plans are in the works for similar protests in London.

Occupy Wall Street dealt a victory with clean-up cancellation

A clean-up planned in New York's Zuccotti Park this morning has been postponed indefinitely after protesters spent the night cleaning the park themselves.
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Manufacturing group looks to spur innovation

The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership has its first regional meeting today. President Obama assembled the group to strengthen and expand the nation's battered manufacturing sector.

Michigan to make nice?

The U.S. auto industry has always been leery of foreign competition, but the new free trade deals with countries like South Korea and Japan may change that.
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Super committee on deficit to get proposals

Congressional proposals to slash the deficit have to be in to the super committee by tomorrow. If the committee can't agree, then $800 billion is automatically sliced from the military budget.

G20 leaders prepare for big meetings on European debt crisis

Leaders of the G20 countries are meeting in Paris today. This meeting comes at a critical time, just before big decisions are supposed to be announced surrounding the eurozone crisis.

Jill Schlesinger on retail sales and Occupy Wall Street

We hear from Jill Schlesinger about the good news in retail sales, and what Wall Street types are saying about the protesters.
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Chris Low: Retail sales could follow same pattern as previous months

Chris Low, chief economist with FTN Finacnial, tells us why the markets are liking the retail sales numbers out today, and what his peers think about the Occupy protest.
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Mid-day Extra: How Occupy Wall Street is allowed to camp out

How is it that the Occupy Wall Street protesters have managed to stay camped out for so long already?
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Car, department store sales up

Retail sale numbers are up this morning, including a surprising burst in the amount of spending at department stores across the country, as well as a rise in auto sales.
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