Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, October 1, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, October 1, 2010

Spending, income data encouraging

The Commerce Department said spending was up 0.4% in August. And incomes rose half a percent. Both numbers are better than expected. Jill Schlesinger from CBS MoneyWatch talks with Steve Chiotakis about why she's optimistic about the latest consumer spending report and why people are saving more money.

Gov't plans new fuel economy standard

The Obama administration will propose a new fuel economy standard beyond the year 2017. John Dimsdale reports.
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VIDEO: Harping on TARP and stamps

The week's business news in a 60-second poem. This week: TARP's ending, Europeans are upset about budget cuts, and the Postal Service might revamp the price of a stamp.

How did TARP become so unpopular?

The TARP, also known as the bank bailout, ends this weekend. Well, maybe "ends" is a strong word. But the Treasury Department will stop spending and lending new money from the current $475 billion fund. It's about two years old. Jeremy Hobson reports the program become less popular than most screaming toddlers.
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New Brazil leader inherits big economy

Brazilians will soon be voting for a new president. Whoever wins will be charged with leading one of the world's fastest growing economies. Annie Murphy reports.

Global job troubles could last a while

The United Nations' International Labor Organization says continued budget cuts will hit jobs in a lot of places. The BBC's Jon Bithrey talks with Steve Chiotakis about why it might take longer for the labor market to rebound and what the effects of long-term unemployed might be.
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Enterprise offers taste of Nissan's Leaf

That's Nissan's new electric car, the Leaf, goes on sale in December. Twenty thousand people have pre-ordered one, and now there's a waiting list. But Eve Troeh reports, there's another way take one for spin.
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A thaw in the struggling retail industry?

Department store chain Kohl's opened 21 new stores. JC Penney also announced plans to expand. What's that say about how the retail industry is doing? Amy Scott reports.
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A good grade for the stimulus package

The White House issues a report card on the $800 billion stimulus program. And yes, the administration gives itself an A, for implementation. Washington bureau chief John Dimsdale talks with Bill Radke about how the White House can justify the grade.

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