Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, May 8, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, May 8, 2009

Job indicators review overall outlook

This morning's unemployment numbers report was just one of a few jobs indicators to come out in the last few days. Jill Barshay reviews what these indicators say about job losses overall.
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Markets react to unemployment

Bill Radke talks to Jim Dunigan, Chief Investment Officer of PNC Wealth Management, about the market reaction to unemployment and where the bright spots may be in today's numbers.

Unemployment not as bad as expected

More than half a million people losing their jobs in one month isn't a good thing by any interpretation. But Tamara Keith reports that, like a lot of things in this economy, it could have been much worse.
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Bank of England bonds a sign of trouble

The Bank of England plans to buy an additional $120 billion in bonds on top of the $70 billion already established for the same purpose. The move is an effort to pump cash into the economy, and some call it a desperate last throw. Stephen Beard reports.

Leaks helped ease stress test results

News about stress tests have been leaking all week. Edward Hadas of financial Web site Breaking Views tells Renita Jablonski how that's helped markets, and why rallies give banks hope for raising the needed $75 billion.
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Job interview? Here's what not to do

It's more important than ever to nail a job interview, and Seattle resident Steiner Skipsness wants to help. On his Web site, he has videos of fake interviews he's conducted with outrageous results. Renita Jablonski takes a look.
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There's still 'Prestige' in this economy

The average household may be cutting back, but the ultra rich are still spending, and Prestige Magazine is still printing glossies for them. But some advertisers wonder how it can maintain prestige when it's free. Sally Herships reports.

Some people actually want to be laid off

Many Americans are struggling with fear of the proverbial ax in this recession, but not everyone. Jeremy Hobson spoke with a tech worker in New York who wants to be let go from his job -- and talked about how he's trying to get there.
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Small banks also facing big stress

Thousands of small banks across the country are susceptible to financial fallout. What can be done to help them? Jennifer Collins looks into a few different strategies, one of which could be bailout in the future.
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Banks map different routes to capital

Stress test results are in, and some banks are doing better than others. While American Express is ready to pay back its TARP funds, Bank of America needs to come up with nearly $34 billion of capital. Tamara Keith reports.

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