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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday May 30, 2014

Some states will find it much easier than others to meet EPA limits on carbon-dioxide emissions because through geography or policy, they have already moved away from coal-burning plants to generate electricity. Plus, U2 front-man Bono and the U2 guitarist The Edge have joined the board of iconic electric guitar maker Fender. The move should give a boost to the company in the age of digital music which, some feared would sound the death knell for electric guitars. Also, a drought in Brazil has hit its coffee-growing region hard in recent months, helping to push prices up and ruining crops in the world’s biggest coffee producing country. So what does this mean for farmers in Brazil and for the price of your cappuccino? After, we talk to Dr. Wendy Patrick about how the #YESALLWOMEN movement on social media has ignited a larger conversation about gender, not just in society, but also in the workplace.   

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