Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, May 29, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, May 29, 2009

Less bad GDP is good

How anticlimactic is the revised GDP number? Not that much, says Sam Stovall, Chief Investment Strategist at S&P Equity Research in New York. He talks to Steve Chiotakis.

Why Fiat may lose GM Europe bid

A meeting in Berlin today will determine which company Germany prefers for GM Europe. But Fiat says it's getting fed up with Gemrany's unreasonable financial demands. Stephen Beard reports that may help the other guy may win.
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Nuclear fusion can't come soon enough

A new multibillion-dollar nuclear facility fusion could bring us closer to the reality of carbon-free energy. But some say even if we bring the technology closer, it may already be too late. Sam Eaton reports.

China can handle product placement

Ugly Wudi premiered in China last fall to huge ratings -- and even bigger product placement. But experts say Western marketers aren't committing a faux pas as far as Chinese viewers are concerned. Scott Tong reports.
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Germany needs more than exports

Last year, Germany shipped out $1.3 trillion worth of goods, which is more than China. So the collapse in international demand has hit its export industry hard. Brett Neely explores how poor sales have affected the country.

For gold diggers, prospects are slim

Gold prospecting has become a popular thing to do in Southern California, even if just for fun. But even though the yields are meager, the process of mining for them is illegal in some areas. Rico Gagliano reports.

U.S. lags in protecting vital cyber info

President Obama announces a new government plan today to identify cyber threats and protect vital information from hackers, like military secrets and operating the U.S. electricity grid. John Dimsdale reports explores why we're particularly vulnerable.
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Chrysler plan will likely meet appeals

Chrysler is back in court after a marathon session last night. But some creditors and dealers are objecting strongly to the reorganization plan, and appeals look evident. Tamara Keith reports.
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